About GNA



The Greenville Neighborhood Alliance serves as a platform for residents (homeowners and renters) of the communities of Ward A and F to work together to enhance the quality of life in their neighborhoods. The Alliance, which is working on a 501(c)(3) non-profit status, focuses its attention on residential quality of life issues that include safety, land and use development, traffic, green space, parking and education. GNA serves to ensure that laws are obeyed and enforced. GNA works with elected officials and municipal agencies to be accountable to their constituencies and diligent in fulfilling their responsibilities. GNA aims to foster diversity through special outreach to underrepresented groups, build consensus, and generate solutions.



The primary purposes of the Greenville Neighborhood Alliance are:

  1. Creating, organizing and bringing Block/Neighborhoods together on common issues.
  2. Publishing news bulletins and hosting public forums and other community activities aimed at gathering feedback, identifying “best practices” that promote civic improvement, and ultimately mobilizing members to to decide upon and take appropriate actions to uphold residential interests.
  3. Assisting members in learning about laws affecting residential quality of life and in identifying and utilizing available Jersey City municipal services and other public resources.
  4. Keeping members informed on a timely basis about new and pending commercial development activities, including building and demolition permits, variance requests, and applications for alcohol licenses.
  5. Engaging property owners, developers, and city officials in a dialogue about the need for affordable housing that is equitably dispersed throughout Ward A and Ward F in Jersey City.
  6. Working with parents and educators to engage students in programs and projects that increase their knowledge and application of civic and community issues.